5 Tips for Allergy Sufferers During the Holiday Season

5 Tips for Allergy Sufferers During the Holiday Season

Allergy sufferers during the holiday season can be extra challenged due to a number of factors. Board certified allergist Dr Allen Lieberman and Dr Hetu Parekh have compiled their top 5 tips to help those with allergies during the winter holiday season.

1. Watch out for asthma symptoms.  Cooler weather can be an issue for those with asthma. During the holiday season, wintery weather and cold fronts can lead to an increased occurrence of respiratory infections. This also elevates the risk of asthmatic symptoms. Be sure your inhalers are up to date and are being used as prescribed by your physician or primary health care provider.

2. Holiday dinners often contain hidden food allergens. Mashed potatoes often contain dairy such as milk, cream and butter. Dressings or stuffings may contain walnuts or pecans. Be sure to avoid foods altogether if you aren’t certain of ingredients, especially when you are unable to read labels and verify ingredients.

3. Cooler weather typically means more time indoors. Indoor allergen exposure is increased, as being inside boosts time spend being exposed to dust, pet fur and dander. Be sure to stay vigilant when taking prescribed allergy medications in order to prevent triggering and/or exacerbation of allergic and asthmatic symptoms.

4. Watch out for pesky sinus infections. A cold that lasts more than a  week may become a secondary sinus infection.  Exposure to dry heat and lower humidity can dry out the nasal membranes.  To decrease risk of sinus infection, we recommend using a saline nasal rinse several times per day.

5. Don’t forget mold. Although, we may be in between fall ragweed and winter cedar seasons, mold is still present outdoors, as well as indoors, and is a trigger for some allergy sufferers, underscoring the need to stay on top your allergy medications

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