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December 22, 2023

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What are Allergy Drops? 

Allergy drops are a form of immunotherapy commonly known as SLIT. The allergen containing drops are placed under the tongue on a daily basis. Immunotherapy is a very effective treatment as it actually works to make the immune system less allergic over time. The advantage with immunotherapy is you are truly treating the cause of the problem and not just working to relieve symptoms as medications commonly do.

 The drops, which are administered at home, are well tolerated with very few side effects. Reactions are significantly less than with allergy shots. SLIT is the preferred form of immunotherapy throughout most of Europe.

Austin Family Allergy & Asthma Now Addresses More Allergens. 

We have been so pleased by the safety and efficacy of SLIT, we have decided to expand our Allergy Drop therapy to include all of the major Austin allergens. This includes drops for mold, pet, and dust mite allergies as well as for the major seasonal pollens of cedar, oak, and ragweed.

Allergy Drops are Convenient and Needle-Free. 

Who Are The Best Candidates for SLIT or Allergy Drops? 

The best candidates for allergy drops or SLIT are:

  • Patients who are unable to commit to routine allergy injections at the doctor’s office
  • Individuals who suffer a severe single allergy season such as cedar fever or oak in the springtime.
  • Children ages four years of age and up.
  • People with high deductible insurance plans as drops are typically less expensive than shots.

SLIT or Allergy Drops and the FDA. The allergen extract used to prepare the formulation for drops is the same extract we use for traditional allergy shots. While this extract is approved by the FDA for shots, it is not FDA approved for use in the oral form. Therefore in the United States, allergy drops are an off-label use of an FDA-approved allergen extract. As it is considered off-label, allergy drops are not covered by insurance. However, patients may be able to use HSA or flex spending accounts to cover costs.

How Do You Begin with Allergy Drops or SLIT?

The first step one can take is to schedule an appointment and allergy testing at Austin Family Allergy & Asthma. During your appointment, you will be evaluated by board certified allergist, Dr. Allen K. Lieberman. Based on the allergy test results and clinical history, all treatment options will be discussed and the best treatment plan for you can be started.

Allergy Drops are Cost Effective.

Even without insurance coverage, allergy drops may be more cost-effective for many patients as there are no office visits or insurance copays.

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