Drug Allergy

Antiobiotic resistance is a global epidemic. This is partly due to natural, evolutionary mechanisms developed by bacteria to survive, but also due to overprescribing of antibiotics by physicians.

As Board-Certified Allergists, we specialize in the immune mechanisms that cause an “over-reaction” to substances that a person is exposed to. Thus, we see a lot of patients for drug allergy, in addition to environmental allergies (hay fever/asthma) and food allergies.

Penicillins are a class of antibiotics that are commonly prescribed, and are extremely useful to patients in need of them for certain infections. However, penicillin allergy is also common. It is the only class of antiobiotics where skin testing is validated and available. We will first talk to you about your experience with penicillins and determine if skin testing appropriate. In many cases, and oral test dose after skin testing is necessary to confirm that you are not/no longer allergic to penicillin.

We will of course see you for allergy to any drug, and make specific recommendations to you and your primary care physician, but keep in mind, validated testing for other drugs is not currently available.