Dr. Lieberman Active at the Texas State Capitol Advocating for Epinephrine Injectors


March 8, 2017

Austin, Texas-based Board Certified Allergist, Allen K. Lieberman, M.D. was at the Capitol on Tuesday, March 7th along with other members of the Texas Medical Association and Texas Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Society in support of SB 579 and SB 1101.

SB 579 adds private schools to SB 66 passed during the 2015 legislative session allowing life-saving epinephrine auto injectors in public schools and publicly funded public schools.  The bill adds private schools with oversight from the Health and Human Services Commission and includes training, reporting requirements, prescription authority and legal liability protection.

SB 1101 does essentially the same for daycares.

Dr Lieberman comments:  “Both of these bills are so important with the incidence of food allergies rising.  SB 66 has been a success and I know of at least one case in the past month of a child saved by having epinephrine available in the public schools.   The extension of SB 66 to include private schools and daycares makes sense with so many children at risk.  As these bills move along it is very important for families to voice support to their representatives.  I look forward to returning to the Capitol next month.”

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