Allen K. Lieberman, M.D. Testified Today at Texas Capital for Proposed Bill 1583


April 5, 2017

First-Hand Report from Board Certified Allergist Allen K. Lieberman, M.D. of Austin Family Allergy & Asthma in Austin, Texas

” It’s the first Tuesday of the month and another visit to the Capitol with fellow Texas Medical Association members to lobby our Texas legislature. What an exciting experience! Today I had my first opportunity to provide testimony in support of a proposed bill. I testified before the House Public Education committee on behalf of HB 1583.

This bill would allow private schools to stock epinephrine and offer liability protection similar to SB 66 which passed 2 years ago allowing epinephrine in the Texas public schools. Several of us testified in favor of the bill and I am happy to report there was no opposing testimony!

And more good news to share, the senate version of this bill SB 579 has already passed through committee.

We will monitor the status of the other epinephrine bills as these progress to committees. We are looking to expand epinephrine access to daycares, public universities, and public places. I will be back at the Capitol in two weeks on April 18 along with members of FARE for Texas food allergy awareness day, please join us.”

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