Covid-19 update #4

Covid-19 update #4

Covid 19 Update #4

A message from Dr. Lieberman and Dr. Parekh,


It is hard to believe but we are now 3 weeks removed from our first office policy update on March 9. At that time, there were over 100,000 confirmed cases worldwide. Today there are over 1,000,000 confirmed cases. We would like to keep you updated as to the changes we have implemented to our clinic in order to continue to provide safe and high quality medical care during this ongoing pandemic.

Forehead temperatures will be taken for all patients who arrive for appointments and injections. Patients with temps >100 F will be asked to leave our clinic. Our staff has begun universal masking with all patient interactions. In addition, all staff have their temperatures checked daily upon arrival at the office.

Please continue to help us out:

-Do not come to the clinic if you or any family members have a fever.

-Do not come to our clinic if you have had any recent travel outside the Central Texas area.

-Come alone, please keep siblings and extra family members who do not have an appointment or injection at home

-Timing, in looking at the numbers over the past 2 weeks, our slower injection hours are between 8-11 am, you may also call the office ahead of time

-Social distancing: the availability of exam rooms has enabled patients to safely wait the 30 minutes after their injection in individual rooms and we have not experienced crowding in the waiting area

-Injection intervals: we now allow those on every 2-4 week injections to come up to every 6 weeks. For those not quite at maintenance injections, we recommend a telemedicine visit to discuss if your injection interval can be lengthened.

-Hours: our office hours are 8-5 M-F, Saturday injections have been eliminated for the time being

-Updates: be sure you are receiving our text updates and follow us on Facebook

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