March 17 Covid-19 office policy update

March 17 Covid-19 office policy update

Coronavirus Update from Doctors Lieberman and Parekh:

Friends, we have been following the many updates and notifications we have received from numerous health entities. One I read yesterday began with, “take a deep and satisfying breath, and ask all your patients to do the same” it was the best advice I had for the day. These are truly unprecedented times presenting new challenges on a daily basis.

With the updated CDC guidelines announced and which Mayor Adler just ordered, we will avoid gathering in groups of 10 or more.

To that end, we will more widely utilize our exam rooms and the conference room as after injection waiting areas to limit the number of patients in the waiting room at any one time.

Patients arriving for office visits will be escorted to an exam room immediately after checking in. We are also temporarily waiving cancellation fees.

We will consider appointment times for injections if the guidelines change further or the above does not limit patient crowds as we hope.

Please help us out:

Do not come to get an allergy injection if you have a fever, cough, or asthma is acting up or cold or your allergy symptoms have been worse. You do not want to get an allergy shot in that state.

Timing – Please try to come at off peak times for injections, usually mid-morning and early afternoon.

Come alone –  Please leave siblings/children at home if they do not have an appointment or are not on injections.

Control your Asthma – All those with asthma, stay on your medications, and please let us know if you need refills, the sooner the better

We know these are challenging times. We hope to remain open as long as possible to continue to provide medically necessary services to our patients. We understand most of our shot patients adhere to strict schedules for their allergy injections and make a regular commitment. However there is flexibility in the dosing schedules and if a few injections are missed, it is usually not a problem. We make dosing adjustments all the time. The bottom line it is not a problem to miss a few injections. We are here to help, please give us call if you have any questions.

Be safe, be healthy, take care of one another and we will all get through this.

Dr Hetu Parekh
Dr Allen Lieberman

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