coronavirus update #3

coronavirus update #3

A message from Dr. Lieberman and Dr. Parekh

Covid-19 update #3


We want to thank you for following the recent practice recommendations to help limit large gatherings.  By utilizing off peak hours and alternate post injection wait areas, the social distancing measures appear to be holding.  Additionally, starting Tuesday March 24, the doctors will be alternating their days in the clinic.  This will still allow easy access to medical care but help limit the volume of total patients on any one day.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Lacy, Virginia, and Dr. Parekh, we now offer telemedicine for new patient consults and follow up visits.

For those on allergy injections, now may be the time to reevaluate if we can change your current dosing interval.  For instance, if you have been on shots for 4 months or longer and still on a weekly schedule, you may be ready to have your dose changed to every 2-4 weeks.  A follow up appointment to discuss immunotherapy dosing would be well suited for a telemedicine visit.

We are here to help, please call if we can answer any further questions.

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay on your ASTHMA MEDS!

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