Covid-19 Update #7

Covid-19 Update #7

Covid-19, Update #7:

A message from Dr. Lieberman and Dr. Parekh:


We would like to share the following reminder from Austin Public Health. It contains valuable information regarding emergency treatment during this special time. As always, we stress the best way to prevent an asthma emergency is to remain on your daily asthma medications and have a rescue inhaler ready just in case. For allergic food reactions, if the symptoms are on the mild side, we can often manage at home with telephone advice and the use of epinephrine. In fact, over the past week, we managed 2 allergic reactions by telephone and the home use of epi without requiring a trip to the ER. However, if the symptoms are severe and not responsive to epinephrine, or if asthma is getting worse and not responding to inhalers, then follow the advice of the Austin Pubic Health message.

As always, we are here to help. With the phased reopening of the state, rest assured we will continue with the current safety measures we have in place. As a reminder to all, we are taking all steps recommended by the American Academy of Allergy, CDC and Texas Medical Association to ensure our office is a safe environment:

– For the safety of our staff and fellow patients, all patients must have a face mask or face covering when entering the clinic either for an office visit or allergy injection and the face covering must remain on during the entire visit. All of our staff wears masks during all patient interactions and our nurses wear gloves with any direct patient contact.

– Foreheads temps will be taken for all those who enter the clinic.

– Patients are messaged the evening before an office visit to remind to reschedule if they are ill or have a fever.

– Safety signage is on our front door and signage is on our flooring to remind about social distancing.

-The doctors will continue to alternate office days through the end of May. This will allow us to keep the volume of patients in our clinic to a minimum and practice safe social distancing. For those on allergy injections we will continue to have extra exam rooms available for safe, private waiting after injections.

– We encourage to book a telemedicine visit with us. Telemedicine has been very effective to connect with our patients, provide refills and provide follow up appointments for our injection patients. This has also aided greatly to keep office volume at a minimum.

– Exam rooms are cleaned with disinfectant after each use, the waiting room is continually cleaned with disinfectant throughout the day with special and frequent attention to the door handles.

– Our office hours will remain Monday thru Friday, 8-5.

Thanks to everyone’s efforts, we are able to continue to administer allergy shots in a safe manner. As always please do not come to our clinic if you have a cough or fever and please leave family members who are not patients at home.

We are here to help, so please feel free to give us a call if we can help with any advice or guidance during these trying times. Stay safe and stay healthy.

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