Covid update #10

Covid update #10

Covid Update #10: Masks, back to school, and flu shots!

August 19, 2020

A message from Dr Lieberman and Dr Parekh


We appreciate everyone’s cooperation with our current mask policy. For the health and safety of our staff and fellow patients, masks/face coverings are to be worn at all times when in our building and suite, in accordance with current state law. Recently a study showed that some masks are more effective than others:

As such, we have concerns related to 3 types of face coverings: valved masks, bandanas, and neck fleece/gaiters. Thus, for your own safety and for the safety of our staff and fellow patients, we ask that you avoid using these types of face coverings. For those wearing this type of face covering, we will ask you to replace the less effective face covering with a surgical mask. FYI: our physicians and nursing staff all wear KN-95 masks which have tested highly at 94-97% filtration. Our front office staff, those who are not in close contact with patients, wear a 3 ply surgical mask.

Asthma and back to school:

As we discussed previously, asthma has not been identified as a major risk factor for Covid-19. Meaning those with asthma are not more likely to catch coronavirus or more likely to be hospitalized. That being said, it is important for all patients with asthma to remain on your daily controller medications. In the past, we often tried to lower the dose or hold the inhalers over the summer, but this is not the year to try this. For those who must decide whether or not to send their children with asthma back to in-person schooling, our best advice is to consider the asthma but that it should not be the sole basis to make your decision. All factors should be taken into consideration including how prevalent Covid-19 is currently in our community, the age of the child, the safety protocols in place at the school, the current status of your child’s asthma control, and your personal level of comfort. We are happy to discuss, so please feel free to give us a call if we can help in any way.

Flu vaccine:

We will soon begin to offer flu vaccines to our patients. We are awaiting guidance from the state and local medical societies as to the optimal time to begin. This is by far the most important year in memory to obtain a flu vaccine. We want to avoid a “twindemic” at all costs. Face coverings and flu vaccines will help greatly. With that in mind, don’t pass on an opportunity to get a flu shot, whether it is at our office, your primary care doctor, local pharmacy, school, or work. If vaccines are available, don’t pass or put it off to a later date.

For those with egg allergy, studies show it is safe to receive at the pediatric office. For those who prefer the vaccine in our office, check back with us early next month. An appointment is usually not necessary.


All of our safety protocols remain in place and we continue to offer in person office visits and allergy shots in a safe manner. Telemedicine visits are also offered and encouraged. Our hours remain the same, Monday – Friday 8-5. We will look to resume our Saturday injection hours when the need arises.

We express our deepest appreciation and gratitude to our loyal patients and families as well as the dedication and teamwork of our amazing office staff. You have all truly helped us through this most difficult and trying time. Stay safe, stay healthy!

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