Covid-19 update #14

Covid-19 update #14

May 5, 2021

COVID update #14: Vaccine news


We welcome the news the FDA will soon consider Covid vaccines for those ages 12 and up. This will be for the Pfizer vaccine.  Unfortunately, this is not the vaccine we currently offer and we do not anticipate obtaining the Pfizer vaccine in the future.  The Pfizer vaccine is shipped in large allotments with a minimum of 1170 doses.  These doses, once thawed, must be used within 5 days.  Small medical practices such as ours simply do not have the capacity to administer that many doses in a safe and efficient manner.  The Moderna and JJ vaccine, currently for ages 18 and over, are better suited for our practice and we plan to administer these vaccines if and when they are approved for younger ages.

We encourage all folks to receive the vaccines they are eligible for.  A history of allergic reaction to foods or medications should not be a reason to decline the vaccine.  Patients with severe food allergies can be safely immunized.  We recommend a 30-minute post-vaccine observation period instead of the standard 15 minutes.  We also recommend the vaccine be given in a medical practice setting instead of a pharmacy if possible.  Keep in mind, reactions to vaccines are exceedingly rare and we can see the benefits of the mass vaccination program as our lives slowly return closer to normal.

We are so proud of the work of our dedicated staff.  Over the past few months, we have safely delivered over 600 doses of Covid vaccine to our staff, our patients, their family members and members of our community.

Although the pace of vaccines has slowed considerably, we have some remaining doses of the single injection J&J vaccine for those 18 and over.  Please do not call but email nurses@familyallergyatx if you’d like to receive a vaccine.

Our doctors and nurses are here to help.  Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions regarding the Covid vaccines.

Stay safe,

Dr. Lieberman
Dr. Parekh

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