Milk OIT

Milk OIT

Yes we do! We’re thrilled to expand our Oral Immunotherapy (OIT) program to include milk. So now
you can enjoy a classic combo: PB&J with milk!

We believe this will be an important food allergy treatment option for patients who’ve not been able to
“outgrow” their milk allergy. The concept and the protocol is very similar to peanut OIT: you drink a
trace, diluted amount of milk and we gradually increase your dose. This process is “desensitizing” your
immune system to not overreact when you drink milk.

The first day you’ll be here for almost a full day, and then come back on a weekly basis to increase your
dose. These visits are shorter, a little over an hour. By about 6 months, you’ll be able to drink a cup of

Like peanut OIT, it is critical that you continue to consume milk on daily basis after you graduate. Please
call to make an appointment to see you are a candidate for this new treatment for milk allergy.

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