OIT Update

OIT Update

What a big day! Anna ate her first peanut yesterday after 3 months of therapy. Way to go Anna!

Here is our latest OIT progress report:

We enrolled our first peanut OIT patient in June of 2017. We have now enrolled a total of 21 patients including 2 new starts last week with another new start pending later this week.

Our numbers:

20 peanut, 1 milk, 0 egg.

11 completed and are now on a daily peanut maintenance of 2-8 peanuts a day.

2 have passed the 24 peanut challenge and can now freely eat peanut containing food whenever and wherever they’d like.

We have had 1 dropout (due to severe gastrointestinal symptoms).

Most have completed the therapy in 5-6 months while the range is from 4-8 months.

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