Oral Immunotherapy (OIT) Update

Oral Immunotherapy (OIT) Update

We began our oral immunotherapy program almost two years ago and are pleased to report 34 patients have been enrolled. We now offer OIT for 4 foods: peanut, milk, egg and cashew/pistachio.

Of the 34, 32 are for peanut OIT and one each for milk and egg. 23 have completed and are now consuming a range 2-8 peanuts a day as their maintenance dose. Our milk OIT child is now drinking 8 oz of whole milk a day and in a few weeks, our egg OIT patient will be able to ingest a whole egg! Of the 34 enrolled, 3 children were discontinued to due GI symptoms of nausea and vomiting, 1 discontinued due to allergic reactions and 1 discontinued due to inability to maintain the daily dosing requirement.

Our first patient completed his peanut OIT over a year ago and is on a daily maintenance dose of 4 mega M&Ms a day.

It is exciting to be a part of this cutting-edge therapy. Please give us a call if you or your child would like to be considered for this program.

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