1st Peanut OIT patient enrolled!

1st Peanut OIT patient enrolled!

We are very excited to announce enrollment of our first peanut OIT patient!

We successfully completed the initial day long visit in about 6 hours today. Today’s visit involved consuming a series of gradually increasing doses of diluted peanut solution under close monitoring. He will now go home and take a daily dose of his prepared peanut containing solution until his next visit, in about a week.

Following this initial visit, doses are gradually increased every week or so, also under close supervision. After about 6 months from start to finish, patients are able to safely eat 8-12 peanuts a day! It’s a long process but certainly worth the effort for patients and their families who suffer from food allergy and anxiety that comes from living with the risk of anaphylaxis from accidental ingestion.

We will be enrolling more patients in the next few months, so please give us a call for an evaluation to see if you or your child are eligible for this new and promising treatment option for those with peanut allergy.

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