What to Expect 1st Visit

Well, we are old school! So, you will start by actually meeting and talking to your provider who will take a comprehensive allergy history to better understand the nature of your problem. After that, depending on the situation, we may order allergy testing. This is usually in the form of allergy skin testing, sometimes blood tests, lung function tests, and/or radiographic imaging (usually x-rays, rarely CT scans). Keep in mind, we are not in favor of ordering excessive and inappropriate testing, that is, “checking for everything” which often provides false, misleading information. After this, we will arrive at an accurate diagnosis and individualized treatment plan for you, both short-term and long-term. Our goal is for you to safely use the minimal amount of medication necessary to help you feel better!

Depending on the medical history and situation, sometimes the skin testing may be done on the first visit, other times, you will have to come back for testing.