Beat Spring Oak Allergies with Allergy Drops: Start Early and Stay Symptom-Free!


December 20, 2016


Springtime Oak Allergy symptoms can be avoided if allergy drops are started in January, three months before the season begins, and can be safely given at home. Are you a candidate?

If you are prone to sneezing, coughing, wheezing, aching and other seasonal allergy symptoms, you are well aware that Cedar Season in Central Texas is rapidly approaching. Yet, did you know that now is also the ideal time to plan ahead if you also suffer from horrible Spring Oak Allergies?

Spring Oak Allergy Facts to Know

  • If you suffer from allergies, you should get tested now for Spring Oak. Next to cedar season, spring oak allergy is the #2 major allergy season in Central Texas.
  • Springtime is outdoor time. Spring is the season for baseball and soccer.  It’s  when the weather is pleasant and many individuals, particularly children,  spend more time outdoors. The risk for significant pollen exposure increases exponentially.
  • Sublingual Immunotherapy (SLIT), also known as allergy drops, can dramatically reduce the severity of oak allergy symptoms.
  • Start at home allergy drops treatment in January for Springtime Oak Allergy.  Allergy drops are started three months before the beginning of oak season and are taken at home on a daily basis from January through April. Visits to the office for shots aren’t necessary with this approach.

Visit our website to read more about how allergy drops can help. Give our office a call at 512-346-7936  to book an appointment to discover if you are a candidate for this  highly effective allergy therapy.

Transform your allergy and asthma care with Dr. Allen K. Lieberman, a Board Certified Allergist at Austin Family Allergy & Asthma. Offering solutions for cedar fever, hay fever, oak allergies, asthma, and more, our practice is committed to comprehensive care for patients of all ages. Book your appointment today for convenient same day or next day availability, with some Saturday options. Call 512-346-7936 to prioritize your well-being. ¡Sí, Hablamos español!

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