Video -- The Right Way -- Nasal Spray and Inhalers

The Right Way to Use Nasal Spray and Inhalers by Hetu Parekh, M.D., Austin, Texas Allergy Doctor. Check out Dr. Parekh’s demonstration on the right way to use nasal sprays (yes, there is a wrong way!) and inhalers!

Austin Allergy - New Asthma Medications

Video-KVUE Interview- New Asthma Medications with Allen K. Lieberman, M.D.

Check out this recent Video-KVUE Interview-New Asthma Medications with Allen K. Lieberman, M.D., as he discusses this very important topic for those who would like to learn more about these new alternatives. Scroll to the bottom and click on the link to the interview on KVUE. KVUE: What is the difference between allergies and asthma? Dr.…