Guidelines for Introducing Peanuts to Infants

Guidelines for Introducing Peanuts to Infants

In a recent interview on KVUE-TV-Guidelines for Introducing Peanuts to Infants, Dr. Allen K. Lieberman, a board certified allergist of Austin Family Allergy & Asthma, discusses exciting new guidelines to introducing peanut to infants earlier than previously believed safe to do so, which ultimately may help prevent peanut allergy. Here is a transcript of that interview. Scroll to the bottom to see the link to a video of Dr. Lieberman describing all of the details! 

KVUE-TV: What are the new allergy guidelines regarding peanuts and young children?
Dr. Lieberman: The guidelines are based on the results of a study from almost 2 years ago that showed in high-risk children, the incidence of peanut allergy can be reduced by 81% by introducing peanut containing food around four to six months of age. The new guidelines take that experience and now make it a general recommendation for all doctors to begin to follow on a widespread basis. Can you discuss the details?

KVUE-TV: Can you discuss the details?
Dr. Lieberman: Yes, the new guidelines places all newborns in a different risk category based on the presence of egg allergy and the skin condition known as eczema. Those infants without egg allergy or eczema, it’s recommended to introduce peanut containing food along with other solids around six-months of age. For those children with severe eczema and or egg allergy, consideration should be given to allergy test the child before introducing peanut around four to six months of age. For infants with mild eczema, peanut-containing foods can be fed around six months of age but consider doing the introduction of the food while doctor’s office. The new guidelines also spell out, in various ways, in great detail, different peanut containing recipes and how to introduce the food.

KVUE-TV: How do you see this changing the practice in your office at Austin Family Allergy & Asthma?
Dr. Lieberman: We have actually been doing this for almost 2 years. We are one of the few clinics in town that will actually allergy skin test infants less than 6 months of age. We are also active in feeding the peanut food in the office. In fact, we keep a stock of  “Bamba”, a peanut butter flavored snack,  in the office just for that purpose. We also have many parents who are not that comfortable doing it on their own at home even though the guidelines say it is ok. We often have children ingest the food in the office under our observation and supervision to give any nervous parent piece of mind.

KVUE-TV: Any word about cedar?
Dr. Lieberman: I think the trees are confused by this weather we are having, 20 degrees one day then 70 a few days later. We are still very early in the season and after that pre-New Years blast that caught many by surprise, the pollen will probably continue for at least another few weeks.

Click here to watch a prerecorded Facebook LIVE video of Dr. Lieberman discussing these guidelines!

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