KVUE Interview-New Alternatives on Epinephrine Injectors-Allen K. Lieberman,MD


February 8, 2017


KVUE Interview-New Alternatives on Epinephrine Injectors-Allen K.Lieberman, MD, a board-certified allergist based in Austin, Texas talks about this topic.

Dr. Lieberman was recently featured on KVUE-TV in Austin, Texas discussing the latest news on Epi-pen alternatives. Below is a summary of that interview.

CLICK HERE to watch the interview!

KVUE: You have some good news for us today regarding the epinephrine injectors?
Dr. Lieberman: Yes, it was only a few months ago we were discussing the high price and lack of alternatives to the epi pen. Well over the past several months and recent weeks, we went from an empty field to choose from to a very crowded field of choices. The Epi-pen has a generic option now available and so does a competitor known as Adrenaclick®. Prices range from $600 to a brand name epi pen 2-pack to $100 for a generic Adrenaclick® 2 pack at CVS.

KVUE: How does this recent development affect your patients?
Dr Lieberman: This is huge news as many families need multiple devices at various locations such as at mom and dad’s homes, at school, daycare, and at the grandparent’s residence. The $600 per 2-pack option for families and individuals with high-deductible health insurance plans this was simply not doable for most families and, frankly, put many children at risk. Now everyone should be able to have a life-saving epinephrine device available.

KVUE: How about the Auvi-Q®?
Dr. Lieberman: This was everyone’s favorite and will be making a comeback next week. The Auvi-Q®  gives voice instructions on how to use so parents felt more comfortable leaving this device at schools and daycares. It is very easy to use and very popular. The size is also significantly smaller so it was much easier for teens to carry. One of the biggest risk factors for teens is they don’t often carry their epi. With this device, it made it much easier to carry.

KVUE: How about the cost for the Auvi-q®?
Dr Lieberman: The company will be offering a highly unique program that will launch next week. The devices for most plans will be available at a zero copay and will actually be shipped to the families instead of picking up at the pharmacy. Auvi-q® presents a unique plan for a unique device. It is nice to have good news to discuss on this matter after all the negative press we’ve been hearing over the last few years.

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