School Training

In Service Training for Schools, Preschools, and Daycares

The rise of food allergies over the past decade has placed a tremendous burden on our schools and daycares.  Food allergy awareness, education, and training are vital to provide a safe environment for our food allergic children.

Over the past few years, we have conducted dozens of training sessions, educating hundreds of teachers, nurses, and caregivers on food allergy management. Dr. Lieberman has collaborated on a district level with AISD, EISD, LTISD, and RRISD and also on an individual school/preschool level for both public and private.   The sessions include discussions of the current food allergy epidemic, protection models to keep children safe, emergency care plans (ECP), and hands on training of epinephrine devices.  Following these programs, the schools are knowledgeable about proper food allergy management and better able to handle an emergency situation correctly.  The parents are greatly reassured their children are in a safer environment.

A typical in-service training session:

  • 20-30 minute presentation on background information, best school practices and emergency care plans
  • 20-30 minutes for Q&A, hands on training with epinephrine devices


This service is provided as a community service at no charge

To schedule your school, preschool, or daycare please call 512 346 7936, Dr. Lieberman or Dr. Parekh will return your call to make arrangements for training.